Sissiradistikillan toiminta-ajatusta tukee vahvasti radioamatööritoiminta, sillä sen oleellinen osa on viestintä radiokalustolla. Kilta harjoittaa sotilasradioamatööritoimintaa radioasemaltaan, jonka kutsumerkki on OI6S. Aseman sijainti ja aktiivisuus vaihtelevat. Killan jäsenet voivat halutessaan pyytää tunnusta käyttöönsä kysymällä osoitteesta if.darisnull@s6io.

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Sissiradistikilta on Suomen Radioamatööriliiton jäsen. Katso myös muut liiton sotilasradioamatöörijäsenkerhot.

English brief

Sissiradistikilta is a special training branch guild for Finnish sissiradisti trained troops. The Sissiradistikilta Guild was founded in 2017, the centenary of independent Finland.

Sissi units are a part of the Finnish Defence Forces and their main task is to perform reconnaissance and intelligence operations. Sissiradisti, which meaning mostly corresponds to the concept of reconnaissance radio operator (RRO), is the name for specially trained signalists within these troops, and as so, some of the Guild members have interest towards amateur radio.

OI6S is the callsign of the amateur radio station of the Guild Sissiradistikilta. The operating location and activity of the station vary.

The prefix ”OI” is reserved for Finnish military amateur radio, i.e. ham radio operation happening within or in ties to Finnish Defence Forces or its tradition. There is a nice award available for those who have worked enough stations with the OI prefix.

It might be worth mentioning that military amateur radio operation is normal amateur radio activity and amateur radio is not specifically used to pursue any military goals. That said, we operate according to globally accepted rules and recommendations and promote good operating practices and ham spirit.

More information: OI6S in hamqth.com, qrz.com
Questions and other ham radio related inquiries: if.darisnull@s6io